Fase de certificación ISO 14.006 ECODISEÑO

En estas semanas estamos en la fase de certificación de la norma ISO 14.006 Gestión del Ecodiseño. En nuestra política de cuidado del medio ambiente, que comenzamos hace años, se han realizado acciones directas en beneficio del planeta como eliminación del PVC de nuestros productos, uso de barnices y disolventes en base agua, eliminando los […]

Down there, series of Antena 3

A season collaborating with the hit series' THERE ABAJO'Aprovechamos the launch of the official poster for the anticipated fifth season of 'down there', Atresmedia original series TV, which it will be released soon in the prime time of Antena 3. A delivery that adapts to the new duration of the chapters of Series Atresmedia: […]

Sales team meeting IMAN 2016

During the days 16 a 18 November's annual convention sales team IMAN took place in Écija, entitled “COMMON STRATEGIES”. In these days the strategic lines for next year presented, facing the continuous improvement of commercial customer service, recruitment and retention. Also they gave […]

APM training workshop held

On the day of Thursday 24 November ended the training workshop “APM Product and Market Analysis”?? in which counted with the participation of 10 students from different companies wood and furniture sector. The workshop was held in a unique theoretical and practical day during which a case was made […]