Toy Boy publi

TOY BOY, our latest collaboration with Plano Plano productions and Antena 3.

Toy Boy publi
The latest collaboration with IMAN Human Quality Plano Plano premieres this Sunday.
This time we have furnished 2 large sets of filming in Malaga and Velez-Malaga, with a large buffet installation of a lawyer and a police station, and various units that complete the requirements for shooting. The last line of furniture ORGANOVA is featured in this shoot, where the main characters make use of them in much of his screen time.

‘Toy boy’, It debuts soon on Antena 3 PREMIUM ATRESplayer and Sunday, 8 September and will be presented at the FesTVal of Vitoria.
The new series of Antenna 3 Jesus is starring Mosquera, Brown and Maria Cristina Pedraza, who they lead an exceptional cast that complete Pedro Casablanc, Maria Pujalte, Adelfa Calvo, Elisa Matilla, Alex Gadea, José Manuel Seda, Javier Mora, Carlo Costanzia, Jose de la Torre, Raudel Raul Martiato, Juanjo Almeida, Carlos Scholz, Nia Castro, Ramirez tape and Virgil Mathet, complete a stellar cast.

The shooting was carried out entirely recordings in real locations of the Costa del Sol that have hosted the recordings of this thriller produced by Atresmedia Television in collaboration with Plano Plano (Down there).

About the author: Javier Muñoz Márquez

Director Comercial de IMAN Human Quality

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