Mesa series ORGA NOVA, lid composite melamine 19 mm thickness, canteada in ABS 2 mm, with edges rounded to 2 mm radio, fully mechanized for installation in metal structure Source. Metal feet in laminated steel 3 mm laser cut and folded in two right angles in its entirety giving a U. in its upper part it has two bends at 45 being joined together by a perimeter structure formed by longitudinal and cross tubes made by 40x20x1.5. Painted by applying epoxy powder baked colors graphite and white, with medium layer thickness 50 microns. Adjustable height by black leveler.

This series is complemented cabinets with similar table and metal structure formed by a perimeter outer hull and attached miter variety of interior modules for different combinations.

varnished version

Choice tops and skirts tables (optional) manufactured from veneered MDF board natural wood, from 20 mm total thickness, shaped ridge around its perimeter.

As for the cabinets, In this version the outer perimeter hull veneered MDF board is offered in natural wood around the perimeter, from 20 mm total thickness.

Finish made with poly-acrylic varnishes environmentally friendly and termination UV.


Surface and skirts:

All melamines and varnished color chart IMAN

Metallic structure

graphite Textured

white RAL 9003 Textured


This series has passed tests done by the team of internal quality control obtaining correct result corresponding to the rules, in general:

  • UNE-EN 527-1:2011. Office furniture. Work tables and desks. Part 1: Dimensions.
  • UNE-EN 527-2: 2003. Office furniture. Work tables. Part 2: Mechanical safety requirements.
  • UNE-EN 527-3:2003. Office furniture. Work tables. Part 3: Test method for the determination of stability and the mechanical strength of the structure.
  • A 89401-2:2008. Office furniture. Materials for office furniture. Part 2: tables.
  • NTP 242: Ergonomics: Ergonomic analysis workspaces in offices.

exclusive standards for melamine version:

  • UNE-EN 312:2010. Particleboard. Specifications.

Exclusive rules for varnished version:

  • UNE-EN 622-1:2004. Fibreboard. Specifications. Part 1: General requirements
  • UNE-EN 622-5:2010. Fibreboard. Specifications. Part 5:Requirements fibreboard manufactured by dry process (MDF)