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Sales team meeting IMAN 2016

During the days 16 a 18 November's annual convention sales team IMAN took place in Écija, entitled “COMMON STRATEGIES”. In these days the strategic lines for next year presented, facing the continuous improvement of commercial customer service, recruitment and retention. Likewise were unveiled prototypes of the new collections presented during IMAN 2017 in semi-management and operational. There were also advances in sound-absorbent materials, upholstered and ergonomic structures.

APM training workshop held

On the day of Thursday 24 November ended the training workshop “APM Product and Market Analysis”?? in which counted with the participation of 10 students from different companies wood and furniture sector. The workshop was held in a single theoretical and practical day during which a case was made for the disclosure of the methodology, which allow an analysis of the situation of the company in terms of the markets it serves depending on their margins, volumes and profitability, so that strategic decisions rests on the same. Following the same, the idea is that the participants have been able to apply that knowledge in their respective companies and improve strategic decision making, with consequent improvement competitive future. The workshop, alongside former Continuous Improvement Process (KVP) and next Value Analysis (OF) with funding of HE. Écija City Council in its commitment to support the wood-furniture sector and continued collaboration with our association.

Held at the Technical Seminar on veneered boards provided by FINSA

AEMMCE. 25-10-2016

In Tuesday afternoon 25 October, there has been a very interesting technical seminar on the veneer board and its applications and trends in the industry of wood and furniture. The exhibition was divided into two parts, a theoretical discussion of the veneer board and its applications in the field, trends and developments. The second part consisted of a physical exhibition of new designs and finishes such boards are being applied especially in furniture mixed melamine boards and veneered board. The event was attended by entrepreneurs and designers who knew their applications in person at the hands of technicians multinational timber Finsa.